Sunday, September 2, 2012

Profile: Jennifer O'Connor

A young talented writer has recently emerged on the public scene. College of Saint Rose freshman, Jennifer O’Connor has been blogging for The Times Union newspaper in Albany, NY for the past year.  The majority of that blogging occurred on the High School blog but she has since moved on to write for the This Is College!? blog.  Her most recent post is Behemoths Will Fall.
Jen has a natural writing style that’s quite easy to read and enjoy. Her sense of humor is evident in most of her posts and it’s clear she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Some of her past posts among our favorites include Flipping the Bird, Chamelio Estivez, and Sanity Extraction. None of these fail to elicit amusement and all demonstrate Jen’s knack for clever, light-hearted writing.  But Jen is equally capable of getting serious as evidenced in her posts about the damage caused by Hurricane Irene or the important contributions of the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. All of Jen’s blogging is expertly complimented by her photography and video skills.   
I’ve had the distinct pleasure and privileged opportunity to have been exposed to her other creative gifts as well. Jen is a fine sculptor and burgeoning musician.  It is my high hope that we’ll eventually be able to provide a forum for her work in those fields.  For now, I believe she is truly a writer and artist worth keeping an eye on. I encourage you to check out her work.

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