Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Call for Submissions: The Twilight Blue Initiative

It occurred to me after discussing the literary publishing community's apparent indifference to rhyme and the subsequent dearth of publications devoted to traditional, metered, rhyming poetry that a unique responsibility existed.  OCEnterprises Inc. was founded as "an incubator for creative development" to "inspire and nurture your creative spark" and it seems logical to me that The Twilight Blue is the perfect portal to foster a remedy to the decline of rhyme.

The Twilight Blue humbly launches a call for submissions of traditional, metered, rhyming poetry to be selected for posting on The Twilight Blue blog.  It's intended as a first step toward reviving a fading genre.

Criteria for submission is simple.  Maximum of two (2) original compositions of traditional, metered, rhyming poetry.  No other restrictions.

I'm not an expert in what constitutes the above requirements, but I'll be charged with making the selections nonetheless.  If you're curious as to my taste, explore my original work as a guide, but selection will encompass a broader appeal than by what constrains me.  

The Executive Selection Committee (Me, Myself, & I) will select five (5) submissions; each to be posted on The Twilight Blue blog on consecutive days (December 2 - 6, 2013) as well as tweeted on @OCEnterprises Twitter account.  You otherwise retain all rights to your work.  No prizes will be awarded, other than self-satisfaction of contributing to keeping a genre alive, and whatever marginal promotion the effort accomplishes.

You may email submissions to: ocenterprisesinc@yahoo.com

or alternatively, submit them through the contact page on the official OCEnterprises Inc. website.

Please include your name and email address on any submissions. (This information will be used solely to identify your work and contact you, if necessary.)

Deadline for submissions November 30, 2013