Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spotlight: Jennifer O'Connor

Not too long ago, I profiled Jennifer O'Connor and mentioned she was worth keeping an eye on.  She hasn't disappointed me.

Jennifer has been busy acquiring and leveraging her skills.  Shortly after our Profile, Jen became the Assistant Layout Editor at The Chronicle, student newspaper of The College of Saint Rose.  That gig has recently culminated in being promoted to Layout Editor.  Congratulations, Jen!

Jen has been actively employing her gifts, most recently in producing a Garage2Glory segment.  I was honored to be her guest in the control booth to watch her in action!  Currently, she is in the final stages of a film project for The Moving Message, highlighting achievements of individuals victimized by brain injury, stroke, or other neurologic conditions.

Jennifer's photography website just underwent a major upgrade and her impressive catalogue of work has been expanded to include photos of her sculpture and art work.  The website now showcases two original short films also.  One is an exceptionally clever commentary on social media, while the other is a heartwarming inspirational piece for cancer awareness. 

I'm always awestruck by Jen's ability to capture and accentuate ordinary detail so easily overlooked by the rest of us. She truly sees the world through her unique Jen's Lens.  Being an accomplished drummer as well, Jen's motto has always been "more cowbell."  I know she's going to continue to deliver it.