Thursday, September 27, 2012

Guest Post: Glenn Ghiazza - untitled poem #1

six 'til midnight, burn to sleep
but bells to toll before I rest
this night, a signal note, that harks
of walls to breach and scale the keep

a path, ink dark, fraught with dread
a mist my vision sees so clear
that shape and shadow, indistinct,
can give no clue what lies ahead

the hearth behind, it calls to me
a siren song of memories warmth
to turn back now, solace a gift,
familiar sounds and windless lee

ignoring instincts, still unsure
upon a path unease to tread
with failure lurking every step
the dawn a notion, vague, obscure

and so this journey, ending veiled
regression not an option here
stagnation kills the verdant soul
so weep for those tried and failed

but slowly foot finds traction fast
and shadow offers smirking clues
oppression feeling soon in flight
as options stumble by so vast

the denouement a vagary still
the heart finds promise near at hand
endeavor worth the toil, I think
anticipation soon to thrill

© 2012 Glenn Ghiazza

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