Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Untitled #13 by Glenn Ghiazza

The Twilight Blue is pleased to introduce the second selection of The Twilight Blue Initiative...

Untitled #13...a poem by Glenn Ghiazza



wintry mix, well fuck that shit

let loose the hounds and don't lose hope

full steam ahead it is my friend

and damn to hell that slippery slope


a deluge sunders heart and mind

so ride the crest and surf the swell

ferocious gale or salty brine

the battle's on, go give it hell


inferno that we hurtle towards

that searing mass of false intrigue

it's this and that and then some more

so soldier on, don't claim fatigue


ashes burn, a filthy scar

sense memory, a long lost trail

we forge a path, let’s not forget

the bloody war from which we pale


a maelstrom that surrounds us all

and draws us to the great abyss

there is no rest or sweet respite

it‘s life or death or sweetest bliss

and so we stop and draw a line

the shifting sand, it’s hunger shorn

it buries life’s forgotten souls

and from it springs a life reborn


© 2013 Glenn Ghiazza.  All rights reserved.
Glenn Ghiazza is an enigma.  Discover more of his work at http://saxophotography.com or


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