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The Session by Lynn Gerrard

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The Session...a poem by Lynn Gerrard

The Session…
The psychiatrist’s name was Molly
She’d been dead for about 60 years
Her job was to greet the newly deceased
And assuage them regarding their fears.
She’d a nice little vault in the cemetery
Where her counselling sessions took place
But the one she was dealing with currently
Involved a most unusual case.
A living soul weeping and wailing
Crept into the crypt one bleak night
Unaware of the councillors presence
Too consumed by her pitiful plight.
Trembling hands held between them a locket
Within which sat an image of old
Where a handsome and happy young couple
Still had all of their dreams to unfold.
Molly watched from the shadows with worry
As the old woman, bent in her pain,
Took a packet of pills from her pocket
To be back with her Joe once again!
Now whilst it was never the done thing
For a spirit to interfere with the living
Molly knew if she didn’t do something
She’d be full of ectoplasmic misgivings.
So she looked at her list of arrivals
And sure enough there was old Joe
She recalled how he’d settled in nicely
After their chat about one week ago
But her need now was to aid the woman
Whose agonies racked her form still
And persuade her that life was worth living
And stop her from taking the pills!
Molly approached the old woman
Whose terrible misery was such
That she had no fear of the apparition
Indeed welcomed her ethereal touch.
Gradually her sobbing subsided
As she listened to Molly’s warm words
Expressing how Joe would be horrified
If she chose to depart from her world.
She went on to explain how Joe told her
That Maude was the love of his life
Said he’d look forward to spending Eternity
With his love who had never caused strife.
Molly smiled at the woman and gently
Reassured her that all would be fine
But for now she’d to stay with the living
Until the day it was her time.
When that day came Joe would be waiting,
And off they would go hand in hand
Together forever and ever
A joyous reunion as planned.
The old woman seemed much recovered
As she stood and thanked Molly for caring
Her facial expression was brighter
Quite detached from the one she’d been wearing.
She told Molly she’d every intention
Of now living her life to the full
Considering what she’d discovered
Her new life would never be dull.
Molly looked lost and quite puzzled
The old woman’s mood had so changed
So she asked what she had discovered
To make her reaction so strange.
The woman’s eyes looked somewhat steel like
As she then told Molly the cause.
Her name was actually Gladys
Her deceased best friend was called Maude!


© Copyright Lynn Gerrard 2.8.2012



Lynn Gerrard (aka The Grumbling Gargoyle) is an accomplished poet.  Find more of her incredible work at

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