Friday, October 19, 2012

Profile: Catherine Pedersen

Catherine Pedersen is another young, multi-talented creative force destined to leave an indelible mark upon the artistic landscape.  A phenomenally adept writer and editor, she appears to have equally compelling talent as a photographer.  Much like Jennifer O'Connor, she also has demonstrated unique ability to fuse those endeavors together.  Some of her past work has been catalogued on her website and I encourage you to explore her work more fully.

Admittedly, my exposure to Catherine's talents has been limited, but has managed profound effect nonetheless.  Our experiences overlapped a few years ago quite by chance in an online writing forum focused on critique.  Without fail, she was always able to spot "trouble spots," but more importantly, was able to suggest specific "fixes" that were truly extraordinary.  Her ability to edit/revise (and vastly improve) particulars without altering original intent or passion was consistently exceptional.  A rare gift indeed, I'd liken her ability to a premier gifted athlete with corresponding natural and inate aptitude.  In fact, if you revisit Better Self, you'll notice she shares writing credit on that selection.  Her editing suggestions were instrumental to correcting the flow of the tail end, where the meter had severely gone astray.

Though she is currently preoccupied with pursuing goals in other areas, I am thrilled to be able to rely on her as a vital resource and hope she'll eventually be inspired to share some of her own work here as well.

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