Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The End

It was a beautiful day
For a swim at the beach
Far away
Well out of reach
A really long shower
And a very close shave
Like I ought to behave
Polished my shoes
To a shimmering shine
Too big
No longer mine
Freshly pressed suit
White shirt and tie
Look sharp
It's a good day to die
No note on the counter
No kiss on the cheek
Day at the office
Or not
So to speak
It was a beautiful day
With a warm ocean breeze
Far away
I was up to my knees
The water was cold
Shoes and suit wrecked
And flow
Tide up to my neck
The fury soon silenced
Peace in the land
Save me
I'm lost
Written in sand

 © 2018 Michael P. O’Connor. All rights reserved.

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