Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wall St.

From a river to a graveyard
It’s the path you have to take
But it’s more than a narrow passage from deep water to deeper earth
And by the time the journey’s through, you’ll find out what you’re worth

The trip begins at the water’s edge
Can’t walk upon it yet
The gauntlet lies ahead of you
Built from other’s regrets

Deception and greed lurk at every turn
So take care to watch your step
The lessons you’ll be forced to learn
Prepare you for the test

Halfway from the river is halfway to the graveyard
From where you are you can’t see either
But though the way was clearly defined
You failed to keep your head above the flood line

And so you reach the journey’s end
Still not far from the river’s bend
From the river, the prospects were stupendous
Beneath the tombstone, the legacy is horrendous
It started with such promise, but ended up so hollow
From the river to the graveyard is the path you chose to follow
The deeper earth has swallowed you
And now the deep water is out of view

© 2006 O’Connor Bros. All rights reserved.
© 2012 Michael O’Connor.  All rights reserved

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