Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sacred Heart

Lost within the blinding maelstrom
He will guide you through the fury
With each step you will grow stronger
Open up your heart

Eternal light
From His Sacred Heart
Conquers the darkness that lies ahead
Eternal life
Bestowed upon us
He chose to die so we could live

Firestorm is raging fiercely
He is right there by your side
Your faith is all you can rely on
Open up your heart

Headlong against the hurricane
Your soul is always what’s at stake
He is your Savior from the whirlwind
Open up your heart


Drowning in the sea of excess
One fork in the road always leads to Hell
Listen to the Word He told you
Open up your heart

Balance disturbed on the abyss
Follow Him and you’ll be saved
All you need, He has shown you
Open up your heart


© 2006 O’Connor Bros. All rights reserved.

© 2012 Michael O'Connor.  All rights reserved.

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