Monday, September 10, 2012

Introduction Interruption

Hi everybody and welcome to The Twilight Blue blog!  This introduction is late by design.  For the past week or so, I've been posting one of my "works" without any commentary or a Profile of another artist I admire. To date, the selections include:

The Twilight Blue

and the Profiles include:

Jennifer O'Connor
Glenn Ghiazza

So far, the selections have been poems but eventually will include what are intended as song lyrics.  Every selection that gets posted is copyrighted as noted and accordingly, the rights are reserved.  If you'd like to reprint something, or possibly compose music for one of the lyrics, please contact me in advance to discuss and obtain permission. 

I typically won't offer any commentary with any of my works I post.  I like the piece to be open to the interpretation of the reader.  My writing style is often intentionally obscure for that exact reason. But I'll gladly discuss my motivations and meanings in the comment section with anyone who wants to engage me. I'm also hoping for some constructive critique.  Many selections still need some polishing and I'm particularly inept at revision of my poems/lyrics.  Thankfully, I've got some other talented people surrounding me that are gifted in that respect.

I am passionate about my writing. I write for no other reason than my own personal satisfaction and enjoyment.  This blog is intended as an outlet to share my creations with others in the hope they too can derive personal satisfaction and enjoyment...and maybe even become inspired to find and develop their own creative energy.  When that happens, I'm hoping that The Twilight Blue may be able to provide an outlet for other people's work as well.  The Profiles are an attempt to share with you other sources of inspiration beyond just me.

At some point, you can expect to see other writing forms, such as short story or novel excerpts, appear.  Additionally, I'll likely initiate an occasional discussion on some aspect of writing.

Tomorrow, September 11th, this blog will be dark but please take the opportunity to review posts you may have missed, or interact with me by sharing a comment.  Thanks for coming on the journey!

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