Friday, September 21, 2012

Equity Trader

Can you feel the adrenaline rush?
Feel the power pumping through your veins?
Taste the warmth as your luck runs flush
Somebody's loss is your fortuitous gain
So deal all day until the next sunrise
And just keep pokin' out somebody's eyes

Can you feel your pulse quicken with greed?
Feel the pressure of your heart explode?
Smell the sweetness of the foul seed
Another's misfortune is paving your road
So add to your pile without remorse
The dollar's almighty as a matter of course

Can you feel your palms sweaty with fear?
Feel the panic grip your inner core?
Hear the last echo of your cash disappear
Your foolhardy risk is rewarded no more
So what goes around finally comes around
Money evaporates without making a sound

© 2006 O’Connor Bros. All rights reserved.
© 2012 Michael O'Connor.  All rights reserved.

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